April 14, 2014

Hanging Curtains for a New Look

When we moved in, we were hanging curtains quickly - I don't like the idea of people seeing in my windows, and I really like to shut out the light when I am trying to sleep in!

I was recently contacted by World Market with these new infographics to share with you all - I think they are super helpful in teaching you how to achieve the look you are going for in your home with the simple addition of curtains to windows.

Hanging Curtains for a New Look

Infographic from World Market

In our home, we have a mix of tab top, hidden tab top, and curtain clips (which aren't mentioned, but really convenient on windows that the curtains will be opened and closed often). I really like the look of the grommets, and I might just have to head over to World Market for the Olivenite Bori Curtains for the baby room (they are the perfect color!).

Image from World Market

Since we are talking about buying... World Market also shared a guide for measuring for curtains. Hanging curtains that are larger than what you would expect give a more dramatic look, or can even make the room seem taller!

Infographic from World Market
I received compensation for sharing these infographics with my readers, however, all opinions are my own - and I love World Market! They have great products at affordable prices (and really good food too!)

April 11, 2014

Pretty Flowers for Any Occasion

Spring often means flowers. Flowers that start to come up out of the mess of mud in your backyard, flowers for Easter or Mother's Day, or flowers to give to a special someone to brighten their day! I recently was contacted by The Bouqs Company and received some of their pretty flowers to bring some color to my home - I am so excited to share their work with you.

Pretty Flowers from The Bouqs Company

They charge one price, free shipping, and help you pick the perfect flowers for any occasion. 

Farm-direct super-fresh, premium flowers for any occasion.

The flowers are picked the day you order and shipped directly from the side of a volcano in South America (or order from the California farm for faster delivery!). 

The checkout process was quick and easy - I could pick the day I wanted them delivered, gave my shipping info, and I was done. HUGE BONUS: they didn't ask me to buy more stuff in the checkout!

If you are someone who forgets special occasions often (like me) - you can sign up for their subscription concierge service, allowing for you to get the flowers shipped without even thinking about it!

My flowers arrived the day expected and were gorgeous. I chose the Cake N' Cream Ranunculus flowers, and they are exactly what I expected. And since they are so fresh, they are pretty even a week later:

With Mother's Day coming, the pretty flowers from The Bouqs would be a great way to help mom celebrate. Sending online flowers has never been easier. 

Register with The Bouqs & receive 20% Off your next order + Free Shipping! Get your discount code and send gorgeous flowers today. Click here!

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April 9, 2014

We Went On An Adventure

Really, it was a two year adventure to bring home our little dude - but the most important part of the adventure was our recent three week trek all the way on the other side of the world to pick up our son!

It wasn't so bad to leave the winter in the midwest for this...

We started the adoption process in February of 2012. We were blessed to find a newer program in the beginning stages of adding families, so our wait was not as long as other programs, and not as long as the same program is now that it is two years later.

On February 22 of this year, we left our home for three weeks to travel to pick up our son. I am hesitant to share too much personal information on my blog - so as of today - he will be known as Little Delight, Little Dude, or Little D :)

Meeting Little D was one of the most precious moments of my life. He was perfect (and still is perfect), and we were so blessed by the people, the trip, and the experiences we had when traveling. Little D was quite the trooper when it came to new experiences, he even did great on the three flights it took to get back home. We are excited to be back with him, and to be settling into the regular routine at home.

I cannot wait to share more with you as he experiences new things, and especially as we can introduce him to our world of DIY ;)

But for now - here is a little bit of our lives the past few weeks:

February 14, 2014

An Easy Way to Paint a Ceiling

As we finish up projects just in time to travel to pick up our son – we needed to complete the ceiling in his room. I received a PaintStick Mini from HomeRight in exchange for my review; it helped us out a ton as we cleaned up the ceiling in the nursery.

Do you remember those glow-in-the-dark stars you could put on your ceiling as a kid? My brother and I both had them in our rooms growing up. They were attached with double sided foam stickers that DO NOT COME OFF. Someone had those stars at some point in this room, and someone had tried to rip some of them off, so we had a mix of ripped up drywall and sticky stuff on the ceiling. After the hubby had sanded, filled holes, and sanded again – we again had a flat ceiling – but it was a bit blotchy.

The PaintStick Mini from HomeRight allows you to suck up paint into the handle of the paint stick so you don’t have to go up and down to refill your roller as often. As you push on the end of the handle, the paint is pushed out through the inside of the roller. Using the PaintStick Mini, I only had to fill up three times to complete the ceiling.

Before using the PaintStick, I had been concerned about two things – dripping and clean-up. Both proved to be much less scary than I had expected. There was some dripping, but nothing more than I would have had with a normal roller. You just have to watch to make sure not to push too much out of the roller. And the clean-up was SO easy, I just threw it all in the tub and rinsed, I was cleaned up in just a couple minutes.

February 2, 2014

Ikea Hack to Vintage Printers Cabinet

I swoon over those vintage printers cabinets you can find at high end furniture stores and or the originals at a flea market if you are lucky. But seriously, other than looks - what are you going to put in those skinny little drawers?! We have a kid coming - we need storage! So, I set out to give myself the look of what I wanted but so much more useful. 

I was so excited to receive the hardware I needed for this project from D. Lawless Hardware. You can find beautiful cup pulls like these and SO many more items at their website. They are the most affordable hardware source I have found online.

I have already "hacked" an Ikea piece with our Besta Built-In in our dining room and love the look we were able to achieve with just a bit of  trim and creativity. For Christmas this year, the hubby-man and I received a miter saw (yay!) and this was the perfect project to break in the new saw.

Modern Expedit to Vintage Printer's Cabinet


First, I framed out the expedit units with 1x3's - with an additional 1x4 strip on the bottom to help with the spacing on the door and to help give a heftier look to the bottom of the piece.

I cut 1x4 strips and attached them together on the back with 1x2s to create DOORS that look like many drawers. I used hidden hinges from D. Lawless Hardware to achieve the look of the drawers. In the picture below you can see the 1x2 holding the 1x4s together and the hidden hinges. 

Now - we need some paint! I used MyColor - Inspired by Pantone. I had never used their paint before - but it is ultra low VOC, stain-blocking AND it comes in great colors (so of course I picked grey!).

I used a brush to give it a little texture and LOVE how the color turned out. 

Next, a lot of Antique Pewter cup pulls (again, from D.Lawless) complete the look of 14 different drawers, and I was done. 

I love our new Ikea Hack - how about you?!

I received products from D. Lawless Hardware in exchange for my review, all opinions are 100% my own. If you would like to learn more about D. Lawless Hardware, make sure to check out their website.

January 31, 2014

Better Lighting with reveal from GE

GE Reveal promises an instant update to any room with their light bulbs. We have struggled with lighting in our living room since the day we moved in. It always seems dark no matter how many light fixtures we add - and kind of yellow - ick! I received GE Reveal light bulbs for review and I am so thankful to say - we now have a well lit room - and it almost feels like natural light because it is so bright and white!

Better Lighting with Reveal bulbs from GE

Before the GE reveal light bulbs, I didn't realize I had such yellow looking light. It was dingy and dirty - and now that I have switched to these brighter, whiter light bulbs, I have to switch all the lights in the house! 

GE reveal light bulbs can be found at Target, and with the Target Cartwheel app (Android or Apple) you can save big on the GE reveal bulbs. The Cartwheel app helps you save on other brands too. You can either download and search for deals on the app, or you can go to the store and scan items to find out what deals you can get on items through the app. We use Cartwheel a ton already - and I was excited to see such a great deal on these bulbs through the app!

Find out more about better lighting in you home with GE reveal at gelighting.com/reveal

*I received a product from GE Lighting in exchange for my honest opinion, all opinions are 100% my own*

January 29, 2014

Free Printable - Valentine's Day {Repost}

With a love for graphic design, I like to make simple things to decorate my home. Now I would like to share some of my free printables with YOU. I will do my best to share something every Wednesday - so come back for more! Check out the free printable to help you celebrate Valentine's Day below.

Free Printable - Valentine's Day

A cute free printable for Valentine's Day - click download below to save the .pdf file and print at home. It is designed for you to cut off the white edges and fit in an 8x10 frame.

Valentine's Day Printable

Leave a comment to let me know where you are using this free printable for Valentine's Day in your home!

This printable is provided free of charge and intended to print for in home, private use. Under no circumstances may you this image and/or document for any type of mass production. You must give credit and link to DelightCreativeHome.com anywhere this image and/or document is posted online. You may not resell any images and/or documents found on this site as they are or altered in any way. You may not use this image and/or document to raise funds, make profit, or otherwise receive money from the use of this image. If you would like to use the image for anything outside of these terms, please feel free to contact me at naomi@delightcreativehome.com.

January 27, 2014

The Most Important Phone Call

For those who have never adopted. Please imagine the following situation. You are expecting a child, but you do not know when. It is not up to your body to decide when the baby is coming, it is up to paperwork and government rulings. You have no chance to see if it is going to be a boy or a girl ahead of time, and you have no way of knowing when any updates will come. You just have to wait, for one very important phone call.

For those of you who have adopted - remember the day it came. THE CALL. How blessed you felt and how all of a sudden all the wait, emotion, paperwork totally made sense.

Well, I am very excited to tell you, my readers, the phone call finally came. We have a little boy waiting for us to come and meet him!! We are so excited to welcome this little dude into our lives, home and family. We cannot wait to get there and see his precious face in person.

January 24, 2014

Remote Power Outlet Switch

For 2014 I decided it was time for a change. We rearranged the entire living room, which meant more than moving furniture - we had to take our television off the wall and we had to figure out the lighting situation. The lighting situation had been a problem previous as there is no overhead lighting and it is hard to get lighting all around the room when power outlets are few. I was excited to work with Etekcity on a review of their 3 Pack Wireless Remote Control AC Electrical Power Outlet Switch.

Remote Power Outlet Switch

Since we moved in, we haven't had a great lighting situation. We didn't want to pay the electrical to have something installed, so we stumbled our way into the room to get to a lamp. When I found this outlet switch option, I was able to hook up all the lights to their own receiver. We have placed the remote on a shelf near the entry of the living room, and it is so easy to light up the room in the click of a button!

The receivers themselves are a bit large, but they only take up one outlet, so you DO still have the additional outlet for your use. Etekcity suggests using the remote outlet switch on just about anything. You can plug in appliances, electronics and more and turn them off with the flip of a switch as you walk out the door. Not only does it make things convenient, if you are worried about leaving things on - it will keep things safer when you leave home. You can find this 3 Pack set at Etekcity for $22.99. Etekcity also offers a variety of electronic items that help solve everyday problems. 

If you are looking to solve a lighting situation in your home, or a way to make sure all the appliances are off when you leave home with one button - check out the Remote Power Outlet Switch from Etekcity.

*I received a product in exchange for my honest opinion, all opinions are 100% my own*

January 22, 2014

Homemade Valentine Gift Idea {Repost}

Thanks to Pinterest (and DIY IYD) for the idea!

I made this Homemade Valentine Gift for my hubby as an "i love you and i want to make a project that you may or may not appreciate so get over it anyway" gift. AND... he loved it!

A Homemade Valentine Gift Idea

  • Playing cards 
  • 51 reasons you love your loved one (some ideas to get you started below) 
  • Sand paper 
  • Glue 
  • Modge podge 
  • Hole Punch 
  • Ribbon (or something else to bind them all - a binder ring type thing might be easier than the ribbon, but either works!)
  1. Pretty straight forward - I sanded the new playng cards to make them look a little more used 
  2. I printed the 51 things along with the title page - I added the frame before I printed, and just cut around the frame. But you can personalize however you like! 
  3. I cut and glued each of them on one playing card (on the number side). 
  4. Then punched a hole in the top corner and strung them on to a ribbon (although I did consider multiple directions for binding them - ribbon was the cheapest ;) 

When it came to the 51 things, I made a bunch of funny ones as well as meaningful ones, it was a nice mix so it didn't get super awkward emotional.

Here are some starters:
I love that you let me steal the covers
I love that God made you the perfect fit for me
I love when you are the big spoon
I love when you leave the last M&M for me
I love when you help me with DIY projects ;)

A Great Homemade Valentine Gift Idea for Valentine's Day!

January 20, 2014

DIY Home Decor | Dresser to TV Stand

I decided for a change up in the living room in the new year. We had wanted a new couch and just couldn't find anything we liked, so I thought maybe just a makeover would do... and it has worked for us so far! Part of the project required us to take the television down from above the fireplace and finding something that could house all of our "components" in a useful, yet DIY way.

I found a dresser at a local resale shop... it needed some love. (Side note: I love my little hatchback that can handle my impulse purchases).

I brought it home, painted, made a couple modifications, and voila!

Ok, so it wasn't quite that easy.

DIY Home Decor | Dresser to TV Stand

Here are some steps:

The top was laminate, so I just left it as is. The rest was wood, so I sanded down and primed with my favorite primer.

I removed two of the drawers and drawer slides in order to make room for all of the components (aka: very important electronics)

After priming, I had planned to paint white, only to realize all my paint had frozen (polar vortex or whatever) - so I just moved forward with some grey stain right over the white paint to give it an aged look.

I also painted the handles that had once been white and gold. I started by painting them silver, and it wasn't quite enough - so I dry brushed with black to bring out some of the details. 

The hubby seems to like the dresser to TV stand makeover, and has even mentioned the TV feels bigger - #WIN! 

January 10, 2014

Natural Wood Watch from Jord

As soon as I reviewed the wood watch for the hubby-man, I was contacted to review another. I was really excited to review one for myself, since I was admittedly, a little bit jealous of the one my hubby had received. At woodwatches.com, Jord has a beautiful collection of watches for both men and women.

Natural Wood Watch from Jord

I choose the Fieldcrest watch in Black to review for myself. I love the dark black wood grain of the face, and that the face is not overly large like so many of the watches in style these days. Jord watches are designed to be splash proof, but not water proof (they are wood!), so I do have to remember to take it off when I do dishes or shower. The easy to use single action clasp is REALLY easy to clasp on and off, which makes it easier when I do have to take it off. The wood is smooth and it is really comfortable to wear.

Jord's collection also contains more masculine watches. The Delmar has a carbon fiber face, and I really liked the Sully watch that has two colors of wood.

You can find wood watches from Jord at woodwatches.com - or follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for more about their product line.

*I received a product in exchange for my honest opinion, all opinions are 100% my own*