December 31, 2012

Ikea is full of all kinds of beautiful things - much of our home is furnished by Ikea. Yes, I know, some of you are not huge fans of Ikea, but if you change up your furniture as much as I do - Ikea and Craigslist are my friends.

I have always LOVED built-ins - especially the vintage look, but since our house is from 1989 - it is not exactly vintage. So I decided to create the look I wanted in the dining room.

Ikea Besta Built-In

My Ikea built-in look was created with 2 besta units with doors and two white bookcases from target in the middle. We gave it a little height with 2x4 frames and added trim to the front of the 2x4 frames, trim to the top, trim to the edges, trim to space it out a little - and voila!

  • Measure your space and see what you can fit
  • Use trim or 1xsomethings (1x2 1x3 1x4) to fill in spaces
  • Paint the whole thing with white paint to make it all match
  • Check out the besta line at ikea - it has doors, drawers, etc to give your built-in more features

AND - it gave me the perfect chance to use my vintage window. I got this off of craigslist for our first place and hope it will follow us through many homes :)

I love Ikea, but especially like the versatility of their products. This Ikea hack is perfect for our dining room, and I am so excited about the psuedo-vintage look. 

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